Mosquito Repellent

by Carmelo Milian
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In rainy seasons many diseases like Dengue are caused by mosquitoes. As a citizen we should do preventive actions like cleaning our surroundings and spraying mosquito toxic products. Some people use mosquito coils, did you know that mosquito coils can affect our lungs, especially in our children. Not to worry, there are more repellent solutions!

Did you know that mosquitoes are afraid of sounds? Why don’t you try to experiment with this mosquito repellent sound. This repellent sound is effective in repelling mosquitoes. Just try this sound! Set your phone volume to the highest level and place the phone next to you.

This is an ultrasound wav file. It will bother mosquitos, however, it is not detectable by the human ear.
Released Jan 13, 2011
Supported languages: English
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